Know exactly what you have and where it is.

Rev Parts Warehouse Management keeps you informed on everything coming in and out of your building, and lets you follow it every step of the way.

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Track products in real time

Track your parts through every step of the supply chain seamlessly from the same screens you manage your vendors, inventory and warehouse from.

Create more efficient pick tickets
Pick tickets and put-it-away docs are based on the physical locations of the products. Feel free to use a wireless scanner instead of paper.

Map your warehouse
Once you map your warehouse with Rev, pickers and put-it-away-guys will be directed up and down aisles in the most efficient, logical order and can be told where to put new parts.

Compatible with mobile scanners
Our Rev Scanner is supported by any Windows Mobile scanner, including MC9090, MC3090, MC9190, and MC3190. Rev Scanner communicates in real time with Rev as part of a single system.

Run your warehouse in the palm of your hand
Rev Scanner includes the following jobs: receiving, put-it-away, picker, mover, sorter, stager, packer, driver, and physical inventory. It even supports “belt-scanner-sorter” functionality.

UPS, USPS and FedEx directly integrate into Rev. Enter your account info in the Rev setting in order to create shipping labels directly from the Point-of-Sale in Rev.

Create kits
Group products into kits with unique pricing so they can be sold together. This saves your counter-people from having to enter each part individually. With this feature, you can also manage alternates by color or size with central pricing.

Purchasing & Forecasting

  • This is the most sophisticated forecasting functionality you’ve ever had access to combined with a vast amount of information in every PO line item—all to assist you in making the best and quickest purchasing decisions possible.

25 custom forecasting fields

  • Rev factors more than 25 product fields along with 6 sales history data points per week to provide you with real-time suggested order quantities you can trust.

120 unique product fields

  • Store all kinds of info in a single product record with more than 40 master fields and over 100 location-specific fields to track unlimited barcodes, alternate and related parts, supersessions, order points and more. There are even six quantity fields for normal, warranty, defect, core, scanned and consigned. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without these field options.

No need to call vendors

  • Use EDIs, email or eFax to send vendors your purchase order. No need to place the order over the phone anymore.

Why Choose Us

  • Avoid running out of popular parts
  • Identify trends as they are happening
  • Simplify the ordering process
  • Create shipping labels for whatever format you use
  • Track orders in real-time

Popular Questions

Mapping lets you do much more than know where parts are located. You can update bin locations, add additional sections for parts to be stored, and create spots for new parts that have yet to be added to inventory.

Rev operates with any windows mobile scanner.

When creating a kit it can be generated as its own item, so only that number needs to be entered rather than each piece within it to unlock special pricing.

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