Automotive is All We Do

Don’t let the company name throw you. Rev Parts Management Software is the new face of Fuse5 Automotive Software! The heart and soul of our company is still the same, we have just moved on to our next stage of growth! Bringing in strategic new team members and investors, we are poised to serve the automotive aftermarket better than ever!

Rev Parts Management currently has customers on 3 continents, across 8 countries, and in 45 states. We have been able to maintain this level of service due in no small part to our exceptional service and development departments. Closely working with our customers to identify ideal integrations that will benefit everyone in the aftermarket, we hope to continue providing the best true cloud solutions and helping businesses reach their full potential!

Rev Parts Management – Mission Statement

Rev Parts Management strives to be the innovator in ERP technology, working with our customers to deliver premium solutions. With an ever-expanding portfolio of integrations, technology platforms and customer service that exceeds expectations, Rev grows along with our customers to future proof their businesses and remain the #1 true cloud solution based exclusively in the automotive aftermarket.

Connect With RevParts

Let us know what challenges you face and what you are looking for in automotive software. We will work with you to provide a one stop solution for all of your needs. Reach out to us by email or give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!