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Keep your bays busy and your techs on track

Rev’s SMS keeps your techs moving by giving them all the info they need for a job at their fingertips, and keeps bays flowing by keeping open work orders easy to find and modify.

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Keep your days organized

Rev Parts SMS can be used to quickly check-in customers or create appointments. Using the calendar integration customers can even set appointments online and have them reflected instantly so you and your tech’s know what jobs are coming each day. The symptoms of the vehicle are listed for them, so they know exactly what to look for during inspections as well.

Keep the right tools for the job

Rev quick specs feature tells you exactly what parts a vehicle requires, broken down by which service you are performing. When making the order everything you need can be accessed from the quote/create/check-in page, so you never have to navigate away to look up additional parts, check pricing between vendors, or print a quote to give to your customer. Tech’s can even use Rev to upload images of jobs in progress or what they identify as an issue so the customer can see it. Customer data such as name, phone, address etc. can be modified as well, and it is updated instantly throughout all locations.

Anyone can pull up open orders

Have to step away from the phones and a customer calls back? Not a problem with Rev Parts Management. Open work orders are held so they may be pulled up with a customer name or license plate when they call back. Rev also checks the parts required for the job, and if they are not in inventory they may be added to a purchase order and sent to your vendor right away. 

Why Choose Us

  • Minimize the time bays are in use
  • Automatically order what’s needed once orders are closed
  • See if you have the part in stock without leaving work order
  • See vehicle history at a glance
  • Upload vehicle images right from the techs device

Popular Questions

Yes, view your selected vendors prices side by side, or automate your selection to choose the least expensive option.

It can, but if you have already selected the job to be done it will show you the parts relevant to that specific repair.

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